Locals helping locals since 1982

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Our Mission

Pacificans Care makes a difference for our neighbors in need by supporting essential, safety-net, community-based social services to build an improved quality of life for the entire Pacifica community.


About Us

Established in 1982 by a small but dedicated group of citizens, Pacificans Care is a totally volunteer, community-based non-profit organization created to support core social service organizations in Pacifica. Pacificans Care ensures that our neighbors in need succeed in developing a healthy, self-sufficient, and improved quality of life. Pacificans Care and our current core social service agencies “make a difference” for thousands of Pacificans during difficult times.

Pacificans Care Stands United Against Hate

In 1982 Pacificans Care was founded on a set of values that included inclusiveness, social equity, social justice, a broad view of community needs, and a strong commitment to mobilizing resources to meet those critical needs. Pacificans Care is committed to supporting social services that are inclusive of all children, youth, seniors, families, and groups of individuals in need of assistance.  Our community and country are struggling with the challenges of deep systemic racial inequity and social justice problems that continue to plague American society.  Pacificans Care will continue to be a catalyst for equality and positive social change. 


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