Ways to Donate

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, families, business partners and community organizations, Pacificans Care — Pacifica’s community foundation — supports critical social services in Pacifica and ensures that Pacifica is a community that cares.  Together, we’ve contributed more than $1,040,000 to Pacifica social services since 1982.  Last year alone, Pacificans Care donated $98,500 to Pacifica’s four “core” agencies:  Pacifica Child Care Services, Pacifica Senior Services, the Pacifica Resource Center, and the Pacifica Youth Service Bureau.

Your partnership with Pacificans Care provides support for all Pacificans served by the core agencies and maintains a much needed community safety net for our neighbors in need.  Private donations supplement cuts in federal, state and local government funding.  All donations to Pacificans Care are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Pacificans Care is 100% volunteer driven, so over 96% of all donations go directly to core agencies and sponsored programs.

If you are 70 ½ years and older you can make gifts to Pacificans Care, with a Tax-Free Charitable IRA Rollover, by directing all or a portion of your required distribution from your IRA to Pacificans Care and your gift will not be counted as income and, may save you dollars while benefiting many Pacificans in need.  Contact your financial advisor for details.  Its tax-free and tax-smart!

Pacificans Care is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Pacificans Care Federal tax identification number is 77-0004308. 

Share of Care 2023 Campaign. 

This year, we celebrate 41 years of making a difference for Pacificans in need through our support of Pacifica’s four core social service agencies: Pacifica Resource Center, Pacifica Senior Services, Pacifica Child Care Services, and Pacifica Youth Service Bureau.

Please help celebrate our 41st Anniversary with a 2023 SHARE OF CARE gift today!

Donate now to the Rockaway Ricky Memorial Fund!